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Birds out of Cuba

Birds on the move again- no time to post- be back on Monday.

Good Birding

Frames are every 1/2 hour:
Base Reflectivity image from Fort DixBase Velocity image from Fort Dix



  1. This email from Charlie Ewell- Thanks Charlie!


    I led a local group Saturday AM to Little Estero Island CWA, aka Little Estero Lagoon (Ft Myers Beach). For only the second time in my 5 or so end of March tours for Lee County’s Birdfest, Chuck-will’s-widow’s stole the show! A couple years back, 2 or 3 crossed the lagoon as they made land-fall off the Gulf. I don’t think you can say with certainty whether these individuals are trans-Gulf migrants (leaving Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for example) or Caribbean migrants (leaving Cuba after working their way through the West Indies), but they certainly spent the night migrating out over the Gulf from somewhere. Any way, this tour witnessed 8-10 cross the lagoon and head for the closest trees or car ports! It was difficult to see where they ultimately settled in to rest, but the last two were cooperative. Unfortunately for most of my flock, only a few of the tour group were still following the pied piper and got to see a Chuck up close and personal. Attached is a picture I digiscoped. A fly-by flock of Glossy Ibis was significant, as it was the first time I have seen them at the lagoon (technically, they still haven’t been seen by me “at” the lagoon, as this was a flock that was high and flying north).

    Birds seen and/or reported:

    Mottled Duck

    Brown Pelican

    DC Cormorant

    Magnificent Frigatebird

    Great Blue Heron

    Great Egret

    Snowy Egret

    Little Blue Heron

    Tricolored Heron

    Reddish Egret (Dark and White forms)

    Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

    White Ibis

    Roseate Spoonbill

    Turkey Vulture


    Peregrine Falcon

    Black-bellied Plover

    Wilson’s Plover

    Semipalmated Plover

    American Oystercatcher


    Ruddy Turnstone

    Red Knot


    Western Sandpiper

    Least Sandpiper


    Short-billed Dowitcher

    Laughing Gull

    Herring Gull

    Royal Tern

    Sandwich Tern

    Black Skimmer

    Eurasian Collared-Dove

    Mourning Dove


    Belted Kingfisher

    Fish Crow

    Northern Mockingbird

    Carolina Wren

    Palm Warbler

    Common Yellow-throat

    Northern Cardinal

    Common Grackle

    Boat-tailed Grackle

    House Sparrow

    Charlie Ewell

    Cape Coral, FL


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