Posted by: badbirdz2 | April 2, 2007 @ 11:10 am

Big movement of birds across the Straits

Now that’s some serious migration! Birds were on the move last night, with winds over Cuba and the Florida Straits ranging from southerly to southeasterly. Many birds are seen entering the radar several hours after sunset and settling down over the Keys and south Florida around sunrise (although some birds were still at altitude as of 6:30am). Since winds were more southerly than in recent past, more birds seem to be heading for the entire Keys and southern portion of the peninsular Florida. As for birding conditions on the ground, I’d expect the good Spring migrant traps in the Keys and on the West Coast (such as Indigenous Park in Key West, and coastal Naples) to have the best probability of an increase in bird diversity. Eastern sites such as Lucky Hammock, AD Barnes, etc. will probably not see much change due to this movement since birds don’t appear to have been pushed far enough to the West. Many birds are likely dispersed widely over the interior Everglades National Park, and so would be difficult to detect on the ground. Judging from recent reports, a movement of this size will probably not produce large numbers of birds in any one location, but will likely bring with it an increase in diversity given the time of year. Okay, that’s all the hand-waving I’m going to do for today- here’s the radar.

Good Birding!

Frames are every 1/2 hour:
Base Reflectivity image from Fort DixBase Velocity image from Fort Dix



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