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Migration forecast for Saturday night

I find it interesting that Michelle had new birds today and less birds than yesterday. The Miami radar showed no migration last night, which makes me think that either the difference was a result of local movements throughout the day, or small numbers of birds moving “below the radar” last night. It’s great to have the Key Biscayne bird posse posting their observations! Thanks Michelle 🙂
Either way, tonight looks pretty weak in terms of any migration, although a small amount of departure is already showing up on the Miami radar, since winds are from the south (!) although they’re forecast to be out of the north. Whatever…
I don’t think it’ll last, but I’ll watch it for now and see if anything significant materializes. If birds are leaving, and none are coming in (all movement across the Key West radar right now is from NW to SE), I would expect densities in SE Florida to drop by morning, although there could be some increase further up the coast (but conditions up there don’t look favorable for migration…).

Is anyone here using Google Earth? I just found a really cool way to get KLM files of the radar: It’s slightly ironic, since Noel was just getting into using Google Earth a few months ago, and was sending me place-marks for his old haunts in New Jersey (he used to live up here). Things like good birding spots, and diners notorious for being frequented by mobsters.

That’s my geek tip of the week.

Good Birding

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