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Birds over Florida

Here’s the radar from last night. You’ll notice that the National Weather Service has added the warning polygons to the animations…you’ll just have to ignore these for now. It looks like a nice movement of birds from Cuba made it into the Keys and South Florida before being put down by the storms. Birds are also seen leaving the Miami radar after sunset, but are quickly shut down as the storms build in. Birds are seen migrating over the central and north Florida radars throughout the night as well. This suggests that the Keys and South Florida should have experienced fallout conditions this morning. North Florida should have experienced an influx of new birds as well, with all the migration happening over the central Florida radars. Any reports from the field would be greatly appreciated.

Frames are every 1/2 hour for reflectivity and velocity, and 1 hour for the regional composite
Base Reflectivity image from Key WestBase Velocity image from Key West Base Reflectivity image from MiamiBase Velocity image from Miami Regional Base Reflectivity for the Southeast


  1. Prairie Warblers are in good numbers at Tomoka State Park now. More than yesterday. A Cape May Warbler also arrived with a Warbling Vireo.

  2. Looking at that loop of last night’s storms, it looked like a perfect setup for a fallout in the Keys, which seemed to have happened by the reports on the TAS board. The line of strong storms seemed to drift out over the Keys in the middle of the night, intercepting all the migrants coming up on the southerly breeze. They didn’t seem to make it to mainland South Florida at all.

    The sky is clearing now at 1830. It’ll be interesting to see how far north those birds from the Keys get tonight.

  3. Meret and Michelle (and Robin, who so wonderfully keeps posting, but on an older date), thanks so much for your great input. Michelle, I think you’re totally right about the storm intercepting birds. The radar last night showed very little to no birds over Miami with the exception of a push out early in the evening. The low over Ohio is really setting up some strong convection along the eastern seaboard, making for some really good migration conditions tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how much comes out of Cuba tonight, not to mention the exodus out of the Keys.

    Meret, you’re my voice of reason when it comes to thinking about what birds will be next in New Jersey. The Prairies took a couple of days to make it from South to Northern Florida…I’m guessing I’ve got another week before they show up here. Hopefully the strong south-westerlies will send some diversity soon!


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