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Big migration and some weather over Florida

Very interesting migration visible on last night’s radar. Bands of storms made their way south over the Florida Straits, but birds still pushed through during the night. I think this will translate to some very tired birds arriving in the Tortugas and the Keys early this morning (they were still over water at 5:30am). As for Southeast Florida, another great exodus was evident last night, but so was another “one-two punch” of influx from the Atlantic. Two waves made landfall as they did the night before, one early in the evening, and the second still arriving at post time. Therefore southeast coast locations and the upper Keys should see new birds this morning. As for the rest of the state, migration was heavy again in north Florida and moderate over both central Florida radars. Some storms were present around Canaveral and surrounding areas, so these should be checked for migrants that “fell out” due to the storms. Otherwise locations on both coasts should see new birds today, with the heaviest influx on the west coast since that was the general direction birds were headed. Unless storms were present in your area, your regular spring migrant traps are the best bet.

Go Birding!!

Frames are every 1/2 hour for reflectivity and velocity, and 1 hour for the regional composite
Base Reflectivity image from Key WestBase Velocity image from Key West Base Reflectivity image from MiamiBase Velocity image from Miami Regional Base Reflectivity for the Southeast



  1. Judging from the pattern on the Melbourne RADAR our birds are getting pushed a little south but conditions are good enough, despite the NE winds, to set up nets this afternoon and tomorrw. Tomoka State Park is buzzing with birds even if they are not getting into the nets. Hope people come check it out. A great park to bird around in.


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