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Radar Down

For whatever reason, the radar went down last night and all of my downloads were either the same image, or said something like “RADAR IS UNDER MAINTENANCE”. Oh well, at least they’re maintaining it.
Migration was high over Florida last night, with a good push out of Cuba and across the state. The direction appeared to be more S–>N than the last few nights as well.

As for the forecast, it looks like south winds today switching to east by tonight, meaning a restored SE –> NW flow of birds for this evening. It shouldn’t be too pronounced, since the winds are forecast to be light, but it will mean that SE Florida will likely see Caribbean migrants instead of those that usually cross the Gulf from the tropics. North winds will build in on Saturday and Sunday nights possibly creating some interesting migration depending on the strength of the wind and whether birds decide to chance it given the time of the year…at least that’s my hope, since I’ll be in the Tortugas!!! On that note, I’ll be out of commission for Sunday and Monday morning but I should be back up on Monday night- live from Everglades National Park.
Please keep your field reports and radar interpretations coming.

Good Birding!

Here’s the SE composite image (the only one that didn’t have errors):
Regional Base Reflectivity for the Southeast


  1. I’ll be in the Tortugas on Mon/Tues.

    Hopefully we will have more birds than I saw there this last Tuesday!


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