Posted by: woodcreeper | September 4, 2007 @ 8:58 pm

Birds on the move again tonight!

It’s true, they’re doing it again. Winds are out of the northeast in Northeast Florida, and out of the northwest in South Florida, and both are resulting in some heavy migration given the northerly component. We should expect another good push of migrants into Florida overnight, but in the absence of precipitation tomorrow morning we should expect the best birding to be at the “tried and true” fall migrant traps. Watch the AM winds to decide where to go. I’ll post the radar here by 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Also, several folks have asked about how to interpret the radar. I’ve provided a primer here: which has links to some good websites that describe radar interpretation. Check those out, and if you still have questions post them here and I’ll address them in an updated primer.

Good Birding


  1. On the morning of the 3rd the back yard was filled with Red-eyed Vireos for the first time this fall, and there were one or two Veeries, Gainesville’s first of the fall. On the 4th I checked the Bolen Bluff Trail at Paynes Prairie and counted 10 Red-eyeds and 6 White-eyeds, but otherwise migrants were few, with one Ovenbird, one Am. Redstart, and one Chestnut-sided Warbler. So either the migrants shown on the radar are all Red-eyed Vireos, or they’re ending up elsewhere than Gainesville’s hotspots.


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