Posted by: woodcreeper | September 6, 2007 @ 5:19 am

Little migration last night

No time for a full analysis, but a brief look at the radar indicated only a light movement across the state. I’ll catch up with the actual radar tomorrow morning…now I’m out for a little birthday fishing!

Good Birding


  1. Happy birding, fishing and birthday! I so enjoy this site, thanks for all your time and effort.

  2. Small movements in Cape Florida yesterday Thurs the 6th and today Fri the 7th. Today we caught about 14 birds including two prothonotaries. When I checked the radar around 9 or 10 PM the last two days there was some stuff moving but then by 5AM nothing was flying anywhere in the SE from NC down to here. Guess they’re not flying the entire night. We had strong NE winds last night and today at Cape Florida so birds probably blew inland away from us.

    Happy B-day David! Hope you didn’t hit the bald knob too hard.

  3. Thanks for the b-day wishes! And no, MD, I didn’t hit the Knob….too hard. 😉

  4. Great influx of warblers and some raptors down here is Keys. Peregrines, merlins and large variety of warblers showing up. Piping plovers back and White Crown Pigeons on there way out of keys


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