Posted by: woodcreeper | September 8, 2007 @ 8:59 pm

Migration evident in North Florida

Well I’m back- and almost caught up- after my little birthday fishing. The result? 1 23-inch Fluke and 4 little Bluefish. We ate the fluke tonight, and the bluefish I’ll smoke in my birthday smoker tomorrow. As for migration, last night there appeared to be some movement over the state, although I haven’t looked at all the radar.

Tonight Jacksonville is showing substantial migration heading SW, while as you move south the density is much lower, and the movement is more westerly, which may or may not be predominantly birds (slower speed, more in-line with the wind direction, etc). South Florida is showing no migration where winds appear to be out of the south. I’ll post the radar in the morning and see how things pan out.

Good Birding!

David's birthday fluke


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