Posted by: woodcreeper | September 12, 2007 @ 6:34 am

A better day for sailing


Here’s the radar from sunset last night through sunrise this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour for reflectivity and velocity, and every hour for the regional composite. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL
Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA
I’m getting sick of these pesky fronts stalling out over Florida. The entire Southeast was experiencing some heavy migration last night, right about down to Jacksonville. South of there, a cold front bisected the state and kept migration to a minimum to the south. The Miami radar did show one tiny push of birds off of the east coast, heading south out to sea…pretty cool. Key West radar showed little to nothing, save for an equally small push of birds from the mainland into the upper keys. Unfortunately the forecast for the next couple of days is more of the same…another approaching front will drag its tail across the state, and bring with it only southerly winds. We can hope for a night of stagnant air to possibly allow some birds to take flight….we’ll see.

Good Birding! 🙂



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