Posted by: woodcreeper | October 16, 2007 @ 8:41 am

Become a supporter of Badbirdz-Reloaded and Today!

Dear Florida Birders,

I wanted to bring to your attention a post on my other migration-radar site, I’ve recently begun a campaign to establish a membership structure to financially sustain both websites, and to help further the evolution and propagation of migration-radar sites across the country. When I started Badbirdz-Reloaded it was in tribute to Noel Wamer, who introduced me to the accessibility of using internet-based radar to detect migration. I intentionally chose to host the site because it would be free, and it has worked out well thus far. The only cost of running this site is the image storage (which is hosted on the same server where lives), which is $20 per month (including, and the time and energy of downloading, creating, uploading, and interpreting the radar (tough to quantify, and definitely different depending on the day!). That said, there are many improvements I would like to make to the site, all of which require additional funding.

Consider this post an invitation to participate in the annual membership drive for both websites, should you feel that this site provides you with a service worth supporting. Please read the description here to find out about the benefits of supporting this project (yes, there are cool gifts too!).

I also need to thank each and every one of you for visiting the site, and especially those of you who have provided comments and interpretation of the radar. This place would be nothing without the community that has flourished over the last year, and all support that goes into this membership drive will be used to improve your experience. I look forward to your continued support.

Good Birding


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