Posted by: woodcreeper | March 27, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

Florida Radar – Thursday evening 27 March

Winds are out of the east, and strong, along the east coast of Florida. A small pulse of birds has left Cuba for Florida but is meeting a band of t-storms over the Keys which appears to be causing these birds to land. Birds on the mainland appear to be moving in a W/NW direction, under the influence of moderate easterly winds. This will be good for the NW coast including the panhandle, and may be apparent as far south as Fort DeSoto. The east coast will likely experience a “vaccum effect” unless a push appears from the eastern Caribbean (which isn’t yet apparent as of 10:30pm). I’ll post the radar in the morning with an updated analysis.

Thanks to Ken Schneider for posting the radar updates on the Tropical Audubon Society Miami Bird Board… you’re welcome to join the posting fun here on Badbirdz2 anytime you like!

Good Birding


  1. Glad you’re back, David. I think I saw a small wave departing from the Keys as well, at about 9 PM, about the same time as the other wave departed Cuba. While you were away I tried using the radar archives at UCAR , but the files are very large and Java-intensive. The quality is great (if one’s computer can handle them) but they only keep them on the server for about 6 days. I could not master the art of retrieving the NWS archives.



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