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Big flight into Southeast Florida

Woohoo! It’s amazing what a little southwest wind can do… The Key West and Miami radars indicated a BIG flight of migrants into Southeast Florida last night, with little else was moving over the rest of the state (only light movements in Central and North Florida). The flight from Cuba and the Caribbean was pretty huge, with most of the movement was from SW–>NE, favoring southeast Florida and the Keys. I’m out the door to see how Lucky Hammock looks this morning.

Good Birding



  1. Myself and the “Banding Poles” (Bartosz & Piotr, the Polish bird banders) headed out to Lucky Hammock for a couple of hours this morning, only to find the place littered with Catbirds, and little else.

    The “Hammock proper” was quite slow, with only a BLACKPOLL and some COMMON YELLOWTHROATS representing warbler diversity. We had one NORTHERN BOBWHITE calling from the far (west) end of the fields around the hammock, as well as a half-dozen KILLDEER (many more between the hammock and annex). The Annex was equally slow, but the couple of fruiting ficus trees did increase warbler diversity… if only minimally. Three BLACK-THROATED BLUE (2 fem; 1 male), two AMERICAN REDSTART (both male), and several BLACKPOLLS made up the bulk of the warblers, with a possible MAGNOLIA (heard briefly) and possible NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (also heard and seen very briefly) providing less-than-desirable looks.

    The highlight was Piotr spotting two WHITE-TAILED KITES cruising right over us on the road, heading east. Later we would see a couple of SWALLOW-TAILED KITES perched along the road as well. The other highlight, although by song only, was a very vocal and hidden BLACK-WHISKERED VIREO singing in the Cypress across from the fishing dock at the far end of the Annex. Oh, and one bunting sp. was heard from the east side of the annex vegetation, well out of view, of course (likely Indigo, given their commonness over the last week).

    Other than that, it was the usual suspects…anyone else get out there today?

    Good Birding

    David and the Poles


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