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Migration over Florida

Birds were moving over the Sunshine State last night, despite the northwest winds that built in behind the recent front. Apparently the winds were light enough, and birds were ready enough to make the move north. The same cannot be said for Cuba, where no birds were seen leaving from last night.

I received an interesting email yesterday from the “only cop I’ve ever enjoyed the company of”, Mr. Ron Smith, and realized that I was neglecting Trans-Gulf migration into the western part of the state. Being in too many places at once is proving quite difficult- but thanks to Ron an everyone else who has kept me updated, I can pass the migration tip onto you, even if it’s a little late.

Yesterday Lyn Atherton and I were discussing the weather and it was easy for us to see that today (Tuesday) would be a fall-out kind of day at Fort DeSoto. The Trans-Gulf migrants leave the Yucatan at dusk and were off Monday night, flying across the Gulf on a S/SW wind. The front started to show itself in the Tampa Bay area late yesterday afternoon. Those birds got out over the Gulf, mid-way, and ran into it during the night. The front, with winds from the NW/N pushed a bunch of birds into Fort DeSoto and Honeymoon today. Nothing has been posted about it yet – but there will be. Tomorrow and the next few days will also bring in a few birds. I don’t get off work until 4 today – but I’ll be out there til dark. Can’t wait.

You can also check out Ron’s website at: for daily updates and other features.

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  1. I captured a one hour Key West loop last night (Friday) and posted it on my blog. It shows quite a bit of movement from Cuba and the Keys. Am now in Illinois and look forward to the arrival of some of those guys!


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