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Back in Cyberspace

Sorry for the recent absence, but May is my field season down here in Florida, and usually coincides with some time when I’m away from internet access. I’ve tried over the last three years to make my other site  (, and more recently recently, more “portable”, or “automated” but without a second person willing to take over downloading, assembling, and posting the radar (not to mention any interpretation), that task has become impossible. I thought (incorrectly) that the person doing the programming for my site would have the animations automated by now… I also thought that the satellite internet service we have down in Everglades National Park would be strong enough to download the imagery each morning. Unfortunately it’s barely even strong enough for me to post a message to a blog, or update my migration forecasts on, both of which are simply text-based.
Believe me, this is more painful to me than you can imagine; so when I receive emails telling me “to give up”, and that I “always bail out right when migration is picking up”, I get a wee bit upset. That said; I understand your frustration!
So here’s the deal. I’m in Florida for the next week and a half, with limited to no internet ability until I return on May 16th. I will have internet tomorrow night (Wed.) and Thursday morning, and will post the radar then. I will be without internet access from Thursday night through Sunday night, and then only very limited access for the rest of next week. From Monday to Friday of next week I will attempt to post text-only entries with respect to the radar. Once I get back to New Jersey on the 16th, I can work on rebuilding the archive of imagery, and continue to provide nightly migration reports with the radar.
As I said (and have said before), I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. My intention is still to eventually provide a constant up-to-date radar interpretation website for Florida… in the meantime I hope you can bear with me.
Good Birding and Radar Watching,




  1. David, I really did miss your posts, but it made me appreciate all you have posted this year! Your post to TAS last week led to a fantastic warbler migration fallout experience for me – right on target! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thanks for the report we have been out looking for Connecticuts for three days now with no luck. Last night one was found at Barnes by Bill, Toe was able to rush over there and find the bird but we missed it by about twelve minutes. We will be on the alert looking for Trans-Gulf migrants. We are only asking for a Cerulean Warbler or a MacGillivray’s Warbler, maybe even a Golden-winged just to make things interesting. LOL

    Nature is Awesome
    Angel & Mariel


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