Posted by: woodcreeper | August 20, 2008 @ 6:05 am

Nothing but cyclonic storm activity…

There was no migration evident over Florida last night, due to the continued presence of one foul storm named Fay… stay tuned, this can’t last forever!

In the meantime, there’s now Only 5 more days to take the woodcreeper/badbirdz-reloaded, online survey! To those of you who took it already, thanks! It’s quick, painless, and will really help me improve the site, so please take 30 seconds to click a couple of buttons. 🙂
Thanks in advance -David



  1. Whatever was bothering to migrate in So Fla must’ve been blown out to Cape Florida in the 20kt SW winds. We banded almost 20 birds today; not huge but better than we had been doing pre-Fay. BAWW, PROW,LOWA,AMRE,PRAW, NOPA; typical mid-August stuff. Very little storm damage at the site; just branch tips down all over the place. Fay looked meaner on radar than she was on the ground, unless you were kiteboarding or something.

  2. Thanks for posting Michelle. Yeah, I guess there were a few birds on the move with those west winds… Tonight is looking much better though- hopefully you’ll get a truckload of early migrants at Cape Florida! Let me know how you do.




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