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Heavy migration into Florida

I don’t have time to post the radar this morning, but migration was heavy across the Sunshine State last night. Good densities moved into South Florida, and coupled with some storms, might lead to concentrations of birds in extreme Southeast Florida and Key Largo. Go Birding.



  1. Now that was a movement! 126 birds banded at Cape Florida. Lots of fat birds and lots of adults of the usual Carribbean-bound warbluhs. AMRE, OVEN, BAWW, and BTBW predominated, with a late PROW and a CSWA & HOWA as goodies. 17 species of warblers were seen or banded today!

  2. Lots of the more common warblers today at Matheson Hammock, sans the goodies that were there yesterday (thrushes, Cerulean Warbler, Tennessee Warbler).

    Eastern Kingbird (3)
    Yellow-throated Vireo
    Red-eyed Vireo (4)
    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (8)
    Northern Parula (2)
    Prairie Warbler (2)
    Black-throated Blue Warbler (17)
    Cape May Warbler (2)
    Black-and-white Warbler (4)
    American Redstart
    Common Yellowthroat (2)
    Ovenbird (3)

    Unlike at Bill Baggs, American Redstarts and Ovenbirds have been falling in number throughout the week. Black-throated Blue Warblers, though, have more than tripled in numbers since yesterday.


  3. where are Carlos and Michelle’s locations? I am going to the coast of panhandle next week (oct 2) will be near Wakulla springs. Would love some guidance about where to go to see migrants.

  4. Hey David,

    Yesterday we made a brief stop at Matheson and we were treated to a variety of migrants! First bird we saw seconds after getting out of the car was a Dark morph Short-tailed hawk. It was perched up on top of the pines searching for its next meal. Also we found lots of new birds that were foraging franticly as if they were getting ready to fly that night. At “Least” one flycatcher showed it itself for several minutes giving us awesome upclose views. It posed like it was on a turntable, showing us all sides of the bird… awesome!
    We had a great Raptor afternoon, we saw two Short-tailed Hawks both dark morph, they flew over and one perched up for great looks. Two Peregrine, two Merlin, Cooper’s, and a Broad-winged Hawk were patrolling the park while we were there. We had an awesome time birding with Rafael observing the best numbers of migrants we have had down here all fall. Enough birds that we had to pick and choose which to look at in the binos.

    Cooper’s Hawk
    Broad-winged Hawk
    Short-tailed Hawk
    Peregrine Falcon
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird
    Red-bellied Woodpecker
    Least Flycatcher (great looks)
    Eastern Kingbird
    Gray Kingbird
    Yellow-throated Vireo
    Red-eyed Vireo
    Blue Jay
    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
    Northern Mockingbird
    Northern Parula
    Cape May Warbler
    Black-throated Blue Warbler
    Yellow-throated Warbler
    Prairie Warbler
    Palm Warbler
    Black-and-white Warbler
    American Redstart
    Worm-eating Warbler
    Northern Cardinal

    We definitely can’t complain for only a little over an hour! It is always amazing for us to enjoy observing migrants!

    Hey thanks for keeping up the radar David, you rock!

    Nature is Awesome
    Angel & Mariel

  5. The area that Michelle is referring to is Cape FL as well as Matheson that we birded yesterday are both located in South Florida.

    We suggest checking out the following link that has some great trails in Florida by section: or the birding list servs


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