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Corinna Wren La Puma

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I realize that I’ve been offline for awhile, and I’m not sure how many of you were aware of why. On October 1st my wife Inga gave birth to our daughter, Corinna Wren La Puma (6lbs 6oz; 19.75 inches), and since then I’ve only been sporadically posting the radar in-between diaper changes, ogling, laughing, not sleeping, etc. I planned to shut down the radar work in mid-October (when she was originally due) but she came early- so I tried to maintain over the last two weeks, with mixed success. Anyway, I will try and get the radar up on Badbirdz-Reloaded when I can, and hopefully Angel and Mariel will be getting on board as regular contributors in the coming days (wink wink). In the meantime, enjoy this photo of one of the cutest kids on earth.

Thanks for all of your support and contributions to the site.

David, Inga, and Corinna Wren


  1. Hey David

    Corinna Wren is absolutely beautiful and adorable! Thanks for sharing the awesome photo! Wishing you all love, health, happiness, wealth and some sleep.

    Angel & Mariel

  2. The same goes for me. Congratulations David, I love her name!

    Barbara Taylor

  3. She’s cute! She looks like you, David 🙂

    In the wonderful wacky world of migration birds are on the move again. The SE radar mosaic for the last two nights appears to be showing birds leaving from the Carolinas out over the water. Some of these may be blown by the E winds back into So Fla. Cape Florida has been hopping the last couple days, with BTBW and the OVEN are finally moving through. BLPW’s were all over the place on the 14th and 15th, according to the other Ladies of CF. CMWA’s are also around. 62 birds banded yesterday with only half the nets open, and today 79 were banded with all nets open. Yesterday there was rain at night; today none that I could see.


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