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More Rains Over South FL

This is the radar from 7:00pm last night to 6:00am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

East winds dominated most of last night. The rainy weather effectively shutdown migration over South Florida, leaving us with some sobbing birders. Birds were back on the move behind the front, they can be seen on the radar from central to north Florida heading north. There could be concentrations of birds along the Florida/Georgia border. The radar had a glitch which is why the radar blanks out for a moment. Birds can still be picked up again after the glitch, they were moving fast towards the border. If any FL/GA birders get out today, it would be interesting to see any reports from this region. Good birding to all.

All sighting reports would be greatly appreciated.

Nature is Awesome,
Angel and Mariel

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  1. From our 4th floor deck near Mangrove Bay Golf Course in NE St. Pete I saw a single Northern Rough-winged Swallow and a migrating Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a first for me. A female Hooded Warbler and a Hermit Thrush were seen and heard. The most exciting observation of the evening was a Cooper’s Hawk dive bombing an adult Red-tailed Hawk who was then harassed by 3 Fish Crows until it decided to head for an area with less opposition.

    Don Margeson
    St. Petersburg

  2. Here is a cool report from St. Pete, thanks to Eric Haney for providing these sightings.

    1- Hooded Warbler
    1- Summer Tanager
    4- Red-eyed Vireo
    1- GC Flycatcher


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