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Radar Down

First let’s start off with a special thanks to our good friend Trey for posting the link for all of you to be able to view a radar image, thanks Trey. 

Last night was dominated by East to ESE winds, there were some rain showers in the air around the Tortugas but they seem to dissipate.  There was movement that entered the radar from Cuba as well as the southeast.  We watched it late last night and they seem to have been pushed to the west coast due to the strong east winds.  Birds were still moving as of 8:30am with a westward trajectory.  Cape Sable and the mangrove islands north along the way should have birds, from Flamingo to the Ten Thousand Islands look good.  There should be some good concentrations of birds; the east winds have left Miami out of the loop for now.  Hey maybe Loop Road may hold some gems in the way of Prothonotary Warblers that have been seen lately in the St. Pete area, but other than that very few birds have moved into our area.  We hope everyone has a great day birding today!  April is just a couple of days away; let’s hope the weather pattern changes soon. 

Nature is Awesome

Please share your sightings; ground truth is instrumental in reading the radar correctly.  All your sightings will be greatly appreciated, thanks for visiting



    Above is a link to the live radar which showed what looked like a lot of movement last night. I don’t know if the bird will land in Dade County, but there is at least a chance…

    Trey in Miami


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