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Radar Down

This is the radar from 8:00pm last night to 7:00am this morning.

Radar was down last night, here is a link to the real time radar. Winds were changing through out the night from E–>ESE–>SSE trajectory. This was the first big push out of Cuba this season thus far, birds could be seen entering the Key West radar early in the night. This gave migrants a chance to make it to South Florida. A strong pulse is visible on the MIA radar indicating good numbers of birds making it to south Florida. With the winds still pushing birds to the west we feel that inland migrant traps would be best bet today. ENP might be worth a visit, birds disappeared out of radar range over the glades this morning. Up north the storms have effectively shut down all migration, hope everyone is ok up there. The storm is very impressive on the radar, tornado warnings are in effect through out the northern portions of the state.
Winds are forecasted to change over the weekend with to a S–>SE wind tonight and tomorrow then Sunday will bring one day of what we all are waiting on SW winds! Monday will bring dreaded ENE winds but then our luck changes on Tuesday winds will shift to a SOUTH for four days! We will have to keep on eye on this development; birds will be on the move with those winds. Good birding everyone, and enjoy this springs migration.

Nature is Awesome
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  1. American Goldfinch 8
    Yellow-throated Vireo
    Blue-headed Vireo
    Black and White Warbler 3
    Prairie Warbler
    Palm Warbler 3
    Pine Warbler 7
    Cape May
    Black-throated Green

    Seen at AD Barnes Friday Morning

    I just looked at the radar and there is a big push of birds comng off Cuba from around 10pm Friday.

    Bird Saturday Morning …..

  2. 2:20am Just looked at the radar, lots of birds entering the radar. West and inland sites are going to be best. Good Luck and good birding.

    A & M


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