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Mass Exodus Out Of Cuba

Hey everyone,
We had some radar upload problems this morning so we had to improvise. There was a large exodus last night out Cuba, the SE winds helped birds fly fast and furious. With these winds we expect the birds to have overshot any area where they seem to have landed. Most of the concentration according to the radar images places the birds somewhere between Dade and Broward. We expect inland locations to be best but further up the coast there may be activity as birds seem to have continued their flight after they dropped out of radar range. Birds were still flying late into the morning, which helped them get further north. North Dade should have some new birds today, places like Oleta River and Enchanted Forest might be good. Broward birders should check Long Key, Markham Park, Spanish River or LOX and other migrant traps in Palm Beach may also be interesting. Well hopefully we get the bugs fixed soon so that we can return to the usual posting format. Enjoy the day and good birding.

Also please participate in EARTH HOUR tonight. It only takes a couple of seconds to go around the house and turn off the lights, then keep them off for one hour or more if you would like. Hey we can help out the migrating birds and also save some money while we are at it! =D

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