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East Coast Movement

Click on radar for loop Radar from 9:00pm to 8:00am

Click on radar for loop Radar from 9:00pm to 8:00am

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not posting this morning, we have had a really busy day so far. Last night South to Southeast winds dominated, there was little to no activity on the Key West radar. The Miami radar did show movement mostly around the east coast from Cape FL to Palm Beach. Birds were moving east during the early morning making coastal migrant traps your best bet today. There was some movement of birds which may be shorebirds, the pulses were picked up around Key Largo area and headed towards the south side of Lake O. Some of the birds appear to have landed somewhere around the AG fields, wonder if there is any suitable habitat up there at this time of year. Weather looks good for migrants in the next couple of days, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Friday to Saturday look especially good, southwest winds on Friday then switching over to WEST winds from Friday night to Saturday night. With only a 20% chance of rain on Friday night through Saturday morning it does not seem that a “fall out” will occur. Still looks like we will have a good weekend, enjoy the spring migration.

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