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Purple Martins Sketch

©2009 Angel Abreu all rights reserved

©2009 Angel Abreu all rights reserved

We had been doing some summer birding in Miramar and Pembroke Pines and on our way back from birding we found this roost. We had seen some Martins flying over County Village Park on our way north but on our way back we noticed a couple hundred Martins feeding on the wing over the same park. We pulled into the Taco Bell across the street from the park to see the Martins and that is when we noticed that we had discovered a post-breeding roost. It was about 7:30 pm when we arrived, we followed the chirping to the Burger King where we found thousands of Purple Martins. As we sat there observing them we started to see hundreds of Martins coming in from all directions, soon after the entire top power line was filled with Martins. It was interesting to see the Martins choose the top power line over all others; they would fly as far as they had to in order to find a spot on the top wire.
As the sun set the roost increased by the minute, we estimated the number of Martins at ~5000 birds. It was rather difficult to estimate numbers due to the sheer numbers of birds coming in and others taking off in large flocks, circling and then coming back in. Fifteen to twenty minutes after sunset most of the Martins were jockeying for position in the tree, seems that most of the Martins use one large tree as Grackles and Starlings roost in the other trees. The tree was filled with Martins chattering, the limbs even started to sag from the number of Martins that were using the tree. It was truly amazing, we had been to the Davie roost two years in a row and were planning to go visit again but now we have our own roost to tend to. We will be making stops periodically to check up on the roost, we will also try to post some video of this awesome roost when we have a chance. The roost is located at the intersection of NW 186th St. and Ludlam Rd the Martins were roosting in a large tree on the south side of the BK parking lot.


  1. Great sketch! Yes indeed the migration has started here. On Thursday, I stood on a path in a dune field and had swallows all around me. Thanks for doing this blog.

  2. Absolutely loved the PUMA drawing!!

    I would like to bring your roost information to our site on the Round Table with your permission, of course??

    The Purple Martin Society Round Table:

    “Keep ’em Flying!”
    Terry Suchma


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