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No Migration Today…

Tropical Storm Claudette has halted migration for the time being. Migrants are holding on for more favorable weather to migrate south; all radars across the southern US showed little to no migration either. Panhandle residents may have some storm birds this morning as the tropical storm packed 50 mile an hour winds. Hope everyone is fine over in the panhandle, be safe.

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  1. At 6:30 PM tonight Lorraine and I saw 5 Barn Swallows fly by our deck, through a swarm of Chimney Swift’s. The No See-um’s were brutal. Strangely enough they were headed toward the northwest.
    Earlier, I relocated the Empidonax Flycatcher I had seen yesterday, and finally got to see the front of it, albeit briefly. My first thought when it flew up off a low bush, about 3 feet off the ground was the amount of yellow. That would almost certainly rule out Least Flycatcher, and it didn’t respond to the LEFL on the birdpod either. In the same area I had 2 Louisiana and 1 Northern Waterthrush. I also heard the Hooded Warbler found here last night, but didn’t see it.

    Don Margeson
    St. Petersburg

  2. I had to take my daughter to the dentist so I did a midday run of the same areas I covered Saturday. Boy what a difference.

    The Homestead fields:
    ~10 Killdeer
    1 Least Sandpiper
    ~20 Black-bellied Plovers

    Cutler Wetlands:
    2 Mottled Ducks
    2 Moorhen
    A lot of water

    2 Gnatcatchers

    That rain late Saturday really did a great job of completely killing Cutler Wetlands. It was really looking good, and was beginning to get decent numbers of shorebirds.

    If I didn’t know it’s migration I would never know it by the presence of birds. There are good years, and there are bad years. I guess this year sucks!



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