Posted by: NatureIsAwesome | September 20, 2009 @ 2:49 pm

Miami Radar


This morning we had some unexpected radar complications therefore we could not upload the SE or the Key West radar. Here is the radar for Miami last night; an unfavorable east wind blew all night which just did not help us on the east coast.  Some migrants still made the trek to the south but in small densities; migrants were mostly moving into inland locations. Some migrant activity is evident north of Miami Dade with some movement making it into the northern portions of Miami Dade. All in all it was a slow night, we expect much of what moved to be hard to ground truth. New birds will definitely be around today but in small numbers. Some migrants seem to have made it down the east coast into the southern portions of Miami Dade, look for migrants at you favorite migrant trap. Hopefully the conditions will change, migrant activity has been real slow down here in the MIA.

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Angel & Mariel



  1. Nothng too exciting at Cape Florida this week. Rained out yesterday, and today there was a handful of new migrants around of the typical species that overnight showers brought down.
    We need a front soon!


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