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Migrants on the move tonight!


Upper Level Winds Chart

Upper Level Winds Chart

Migrants are on the move again tonight, surface winds from the Panhandle down through the west coast are blowing from the North. Upper level winds are blowing from the northwest at 3000 feet, migrants will be coming into the Miami area in the morning. Moderate migration is evident on the radar as of 10:45 p.m. Look for birds at your favorite migrant traps along southeast coast in the morning. Come back and report all your goodies.

A front is dropping lots of rain over Georgia, northern Alabama,  Tennessee and the western Carolinas; up to 24 inches of rain have fallen over this region thus far.  Radar images show migrants stacked up behind the front, if we see our first cold front next week we can expect the first real push of migrants with the high densities we have been waiting for.

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  1. I’m stuck at home today with car trouble so it’s probably rocking out at Cape Florida. I’ll get the report from the Ladies later…

  2. Hope your car trouble get fixed fast! We are in the same boat…


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