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Go east young bird!

This is the radar from 8:30pm last night to 6:30am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

Last night a heavy to moderate flight took place off the Panhandles coast. Migrants can be seen taking off from the Apalachicola coast, a nice NNW wind at sundown encouraged birds to go south. As the night went on the winds shifted to the NE which displaced lots of migrants over the gulf. With a westerly component to the winds between 1500-4000 feet migrants traveling south throughout the state seem to have taken use of the winds and made it to the southeast. With no weather to concentrate birds, the best locations will be the tried-and-true migration traps in South Florida. Jacksonville radar showed lots of movement early in the night; migrants were moving in a general SW direction then as they flew higher up into the atmosphere birds started to make their way to the southeast. Miami should see a nice flight this morning due to the upper level winds, late morning may prove to be a good time to bird today. Migrants were making their descent as the morning came with birds still moving south as of 8 a.m. Migrant traps in Miami should be checked for new faces today as most radars showed migrants on the move last night. Hope to hear from Michelle at the Cape with good news. Come back and report what you guys are seeing out there as this site works best when it is a collaborative effort.

Thanks to all that have taken time to report their sightings on Badbirdz2, we really appreciate it as interpretations will get better with more observations from the field.

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  1. Philadelphia Vireo at Barnes this morning. Finally got 10 warblers species in one morning. First time this fall. Also had 2 Baltimore Orioles. I speed birded the park, and I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff. Wish I had more time on days like these.

  2. Yep, we saw a little more action at Cape Florida today! 26 birds banded, not huge numbers yet but more than we’ve seen in the last week. This included our first Mourning warbler banded since 2005! Winds were calm at sunrise and there was no overnight showers to bring down more migrants. The birds were in excellent shape with plenty of fat to continue their flight tonight.


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