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Light to Moderate Migration as the Front Rolls In

This is the radar from 6:00pm last night to 6:00am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

The radar did show some movement into Florida last night. Most areas seem to have gotten some new birds, the extreme western panhandle looks like it may have some interesting birds around today. The front is rolling in and birds seem to be stuck in between the front and some more serious weather associated with the front. Hopefully we will hear from Bob and Lucy Duncan with a report from the area. More birds took off into the straights heading for Cuba and beyond last night. Some weather was moving across south FL and may have brought down some birds inland in Miami.
Have good weekend and good birding.

Nature is Awesome,
Angel and Mariel



  1. Still pretty quiet out at Cape Florida with the easterly winds, but there was a changing of the guard as most of the birds banded yesterday were black-throated blues, and today we struggled to even hear one while we caught multiple ovenbirds and 4 F.O.S. gray-cheeked thrush (banding-we’ve heard them already).

    A & M-can you sometimes set the SE radar mosaic to capture the day’s flights, too? It would be interesting to do that on the day following another one of the big overwater departures from the Carolinas. I think it is taking them until late afternoon to get to our latitude.

  2. Today in Kissimmee i saw quite a few migrants including 8 species of warbler. Heres a list of migrants seen:

    American Kestrel- 1 FOS
    Acadian Flycatcher- 1 (poss. 2nd one chased it)
    White-eyed Vireo- 3
    Red-eyed Vireo- 8-10
    Northern Rough-winged Swallow- 5
    Tufted Titmous- 2
    Blue-grey Gnatcatcher- 30+
    Veery- 1
    Grey Cheeked Thrush- 1
    Swainson’s Thrush- 5
    Gray Catbird- 15+
    Brown Thrsher- 1
    Northern Parula- 4
    Black-throated Blue Warbler- 1 male
    Prairie Warbler- 3-4
    Palm Warbler- 20+
    Ovenbird- 3
    Northern Waterthrush- 1
    Common Yellowthroat- 30+
    American Redstart-2
    Scarlet Tanager- 1 (poss. 2nd)
    Indigo Bunting- 2
    Eastern Meadowlark- 2
    House Finch- 1 female (1st one ive seen in FL)

    The Teenage Birder
    Kissimmee, FL

  3. In addition i went out from 2:30 to 4:30 and i saw:

    Eastern Phoebe-1 FOS
    White-eyed Vireo-1
    Red-eyed Vireo- 2-3
    House Wren- 1 FOS
    Veery- 1
    Swainson’s Thrush- 2-3
    Black-throated Green Warbler- 1 female
    American Redstart- 2
    Indigo Bunting- 1

    Plus- Loads more Catbirds, Gnatcatchers, Palm Warblers, and Yellowthroats

    The Teenage Birder
    Kissimmee, FL

  4. Hi All,

    For starters, the BELL’S VIREO and CLAY-COLORED SPARROW that were seen earlier in the week were not seen today, as I led a group of birders from the St. Petersburg Audubon Society for a look for migrants. Land bird migrants were virtually non-existent, as the brutal heat and southeast winds provided very little to see on the Osprey trail. A good concentration of migrant Common Terns were observed however, with approximately 3000 birds loafing on the sand in the jetty area just after 8:00 AM. A lone Black Tern was also noted in with a flyover flock of Commons before the park opened.

    Other birds of note seen today included:

    Northern Harrier 2
    Peregrine Falcon 2
    Whimbrel 6

    A pretty paltry list for this time of year as only 2!!!! warbler species were detected (1 Prairie and 1 Pine), and no vireos, thrushes, buntings, tanagers etc….

    Good Birding!!

    Dave Gagne


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