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Moderate Migration Over the East Coast

This is the radar from 6:00pm last night to 11:30am this morning.


Hey everyone,

We are having some server issues on Badbirdz2. Last night birds we really on the move, especially down the east coast; if you look at the Jacksonville, Melbourne, and Miami radars you can follow birds flying south. As migrants flew down to Miami a slight south wind and some weather combined may have caused birds to drop. Anyone birding in Miami today? MIDA how was the cape, rain was out over the Atlantic near KB in the morning. More migrants were picked up moving into the radar than moving out during the early morning hours on the velocity images; rain may have been the cause for the activity to suddenly stop passing over the radar over Miami.
There were other rain events during the night that may have helped to concentrate migrants in the central portion of the state and around the Merritt area. If anyone birds these areas we would love to hear if the birds simply flew past or did you have a new influx of birds. West coast birders may have been sucked dry by the migration vacuum, there is still some evidence of birds in the area but may be hard to ground truth given the densities seen on radar in the morning.
Lots of birds flew out of Miami and the Keys headed towards their wintering grounds, wish them a safe flight through the straights.

Nature is Awesome,
Angel and Mariel



  1. After several deadly slow days we had a nice one at Cape Florida. There was a little bit of rain out on the key and over the ocean before sunrise, so we were treated to a little fallout. 95 new birds banded; back to more typical species composition with black-throated blues, redstarts and ovenbirds predominating.

  2. We don’t know what is going on with the server but we posted this morning and for some reason the animations did not show up. It also posted the wrong post? I was trying to give everyone down here a heads up about the rain and the birds, hopefully birders in Miami were treated to a nice influx.

    Nature is Awesome
    Angel & Mariel

  3. I took a 50 minute walk around the Mangrove Bay Neighborhood in NE St. Petersburg today and discovered significantly fewer birds than the past two days, but still some good diversity. My First of Fall Yellow-billed Cuckoo was heard before being seen flying away, defying my wishes of a photo op.

    1) Yellow-billed Cuckoo
    4) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
    1) Gray Catbird
    1) Northern Parula
    2) Black-throated Green Warbler ( 1 male )
    1) Blackburnian Warbler ( female )
    1) Yellow-throated Warbler
    1) Pine Warbler
    1) Prairie Warbler
    39) Palm Warbler
    7) Black-and-White Warbler
    1) Northern Waterthrush
    1) Common Yellowthroat
    1) Scarlet Tanager ( female )

    Don Margeson


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