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Heavy Migration Tonight



Huge numbers of migrants are passing over the extreme western panhandle and Alabama as I type this,  birds are on the move into Florida in high densities tonight.  Tallahassee and Jacksonville radars are picking up lots of movement, in between the two radars there is about equal densities moving through as well.  With N to NW winds over the panhandle and north Florida we expect birds to continue their journey south.  Winds are shifting to a WSW wind over much of the east coast south of Flagler County.  Birds may slow their progress south as they start to reach headwinds. There is some weather moving into the interior near the Sarasota area, if the rain continues this may cause birds to drop in the area; no other rain is evident on the radar though. Miami radar is showing incoming birds and will only increase in activity over the night.   Migrants are moving in a general NW to SE direction setting up southeast Florida for some great birding in the morning.  If migrants slow down expect birds to be dropping later in the morning, cooler dry weather will be in our favor to enjoy the biding as well.  Get out there and bird this will be the last big push of Songbirds but don’t forget to keep those ears open for Sparrow calls.  Winter migrants will be riding this wave south as well; with west winds in the upper atmosphere @ 1500+ feet lots of birds will be crashing coastal locations tomorrow.

Have a great birding day and remember to pass by and report your sightings as this site works best when it is a collaborative effort.

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