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Migration Pipeline Has Opened Again

This is the radar from 6:00pm last night to 8:00am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

No time to post right now but the radars were lit up last night. There were lots of birds on the move. Go birding!

Nature is Awesome,
Angel and Mariel


  1. That was the first night in awhile that the birds over the SE did an all-nighter. The birds out at Cape Florida today were mostly palm warblers, so banding numbers remained low despite the obvious influx. Still, we banded 15 instead of the 2 to 3 we had banded the last two days. Heard my FOS myrtle warbler fly over.

    Still waiting for that big push of black-throated blues. We have yet to have a day where they are swarming everywhere out here. Wondering if it’s still to come, or if they got by us during those nice migrating nights last week.

  2. Today was a surprisingly good day in my Kissimmee neighbourhood. I had 11 species of warbler plus a quite a few winter species. Heres the whole list:

    Pied-billed Grebe- 2 FOS (Only winter in -hood)
    Bald Eagle- 3
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker- 1 Juv. FOS
    Eastern Phoebe- Heard
    White-eyed Vireo- 2
    Blue-headed Vireo- 2 FOS
    Bank Swallow- App. 20
    House Wren- 3
    Carolina Wren- 5
    Blue-grey Gnatcatcher- 30+
    Gray Catbird- 20+
    Tennessee Warbler- 1
    Northern Parula- 1
    Magnolia Warbler- 2 (poss. 3rd)
    Black-and-white Warbler- 3 all females
    Black-throated Blue Warbler- 2 female/ Juv. male
    Prairie Warbler- 2
    Yellow-throated Warbler- 1
    Pine Warbler- 20+
    Palm Warbler- 17
    Northern Waterthrush- Heard
    Common Yellowthroat- 5
    Savannah Sparrow- 2 FOS
    Painted Bunting- 1 female

    My possible 3rd Magnolia Warbler had a grey head and appeared to have streaking on the back, it had all the jizz of a Magn. BUT it was really wagging its tail. I know it says in guides that this species never wags its tail, but im not so sure. Has annybody else ever seen a Magnolia Warbler wag its tail?

    The Teenage Birder
    Kissimmee, FL

  3. Hello,

    Found 2 Nelson’s Sparrows and lots of Marsh Wrens (14+) in the Needle Rush marsh at the state park this morning in West Pasco. Also had a Virgina Rail standing next to my boot as it answered my tape.

    Ken Tracey


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