Posted by: NatureIsAwesome | January 11, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

Western Tanager @ FIU

After lunch today we took a walk around campus to see if any new birds came in with the cold front and were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful male Western Tanager. The Tanager flew in as we were looking for Buntings and gave us incredible looks; we stood no more than 15 feet away as the Tanager foraged for fruit which enabled us to see all the definitive field marks. It was sporting some reminisce of the red on the face which is only a tinge now, bright, bold yellow wingbar with a second white wingbar was also noted as well as yellow on the nape, black back, wings and tail. What an unexpected life bird for us as this species has been a nemesis bird for some time now.
Along with the Tanager we saw one Painted Bunting but plenty more could be heard along with Indigo Buntings; we also had a Swainson’s Hawk drift over us as it flew south. BG Gnatcatcher, Black and White, Yellow-throated, Palm, and Yellow-rumped Warblers were making their presence known along with Blue-headed Vireos which were out in force today. All this in 20 minutes during our lunch break, awesome!

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