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WESTERN TANAGER still @ FIU – today!

Yesterday the bird gave us extensive looks again, we were able to obtain photos that will be posted tonight. The bird was easy to locate by ear as it likes to do a dry call that Cornell describes as “pit-er-ick.”
This morning we went out to look for him again and found him within five minutes, the bird was vocalizing and sitting still for the majority of the time we saw it. Carl Edwards saw the bird this morning as well around 7:45am, his experience with the bird was very similar to RJ’s and ours.
The bird seems to be in a routine and may stay for a while. Parking is a problem on campus since most of the parking is reserved for students, faculty, and staff. We are researching where it would be best to park and walk the least amount, hopefully free parking but you may have to pay $1/hr to park in a visitor parking space.
If anyone still needs Western Tanager for a life, state or just as a bird-a-day effort the bird is an easy find. We will post a map to the location soon, stay posted.

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  1. We plan to visit the FIU campus some time the week of February 7 and to visit the Preserve. We have a campus map but do not know where we should park.

    Can you please advise? Thanks a lot.

    Michael Bowen
    Montgomery Bird Club, MOS
    Bethesda, Maryland


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