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03/17/10 - click for animation

Looks like most of if not all the waterfowl in the Merritt area have departed, the returns could easily be something else but given the speeds and size of the returns we think they were our wintering waterfowl heading north.  You can see the action right before the storms came in, birds appear to have made it all the way to Georgia.

Report any new migrant sightings on the site so that we can track migrants on their way back north this spring.  You could also post birds that have departed as that aslo helps us understand what is flying on the radar.

Have a great day everyone.

Nature is Awesome

Angel & Mariel



  1. I was on MINWR yesterday, a few blue teal are left but everything else is gone.

  2. Thanks for the report we really appreciate it. Conditions have been favorable for northbound migrants to head out of Florida and the SE for that matter. Winds have been optimal for short distance migrants, birds like Creepers, Wrens, Sparrows ect… will be on the move.


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