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More of the same!

03/24/10 - click image to enlarge

Not much to report, the winds were not optimal and birds stayed grounded.  There was some interesting movement on the radar during the last two hours of the animation which would be from 8-10 a.m.  We can’t figure out what may have been moving at that time.  Winds look like they may be good for migration tomorrow night, hopefully there is another group of “migration ready birds” as Noel would have called them; that are ready to head north.  East winds will be in effect for tonight, this will most probably keep them grounded.  Good birding to everyone, we are happy to be back and reporting our findings as well as the animations.  Be sure to reports your sightings on the site as this will make the site a great place to get migration information.

Nature is Awesome

Angel & Mariel


  1. Good to see you guys are back at it. Can’t wait for a big push of excellent birds to come to our area.

    I posted a link to this site on my highly rated, well viewed site….

    Just kidding about the highly rated and well viewed!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks everyone, we really appreciate the reports. This spring migration is going to ROCK! Hope to read your migrant sightings regularly on here.

    Nature is Awesome
    Angel & Mariel

  3. Yesterday 3/23/10 had 1 male ruby-throated hummingbird in my yard. My date ranges for the last couple of years are 3/3 – 3/14. Today, 3/24/10, I saw the male and the female. I believe it is the same female as in years past due to a ‘scar’ on her chest. I will have to exam photos and without a band it is only a theory but I do believe this is a pair nesting very near my home, probably on the horsefarm to my east. Typically the remain here in my yard until late summer.

  4. No evidence today of Monday’s fallout at Cape Florida. There are a few lingering winter birds, but the phoebes and gnatcatchers have gone. Yellow-throated and Blue-headed Vireos are still around. Today was “normal” March trickling of migrants, including Chuck-will’s-widows, 3 American Redstarts, 4 Black-and-whites, a Worm-eating and the usual early migrants. Palm Warblers are all over Key Biscayne and Virginia Key but the Common Yellowthroats are down to expected numbers.

  5. In Deerfield Beach for past two days many B&W warblers hanging about, they seem to be feeding up for their next push north. Killdeer in the SuperTarget meadow. Many barn swallows heading north at sunset today. Yesterday an impressive and chatty flock of crows, perhaps a hundred in number, flew north over our house at sunset in staggered groups of 10-20 birds. We’ve heard the chuck-will’s-widows but haven’t seen them. Our favorite Cooper’s Hawk never showed this year, so the ring-necked doves had a lazy winter of it. Kli-kli-kli of kestrels at dawn and sunset, expect they’ll head home soon.


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