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March 30

03/30/10 - click image to enlarge


  1. drumming in the palm
    a Northern Flicker pops out
    and begins to call

    Abercrombie Park, St. Pete

  2. Spent from 5:30 til dark.

    Lots of lots of Hooded, Still landing on the beach from the gulf. Very impressive. Hundreds.
    Also saw:

    White-eyed Vireo
    Blue-headed Vireo
    Yellow-throated Vireo
    Worm Eating Warbler
    Louisiana Waterthrush
    Black and White Warbler
    Pine Warblers
    Prothontary Warbler
    Palm Warbler
    Yellow-rumped Warbler
    Hooded Warbler at least 3 females out of the hundreds.
    Barn Swallow
    Rough-winged Swallow
    Cliff Swallow
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird

    and as leaving the park 3 Chuck wills-widows callng.


    Rocky Milurn

  3. 3/30– Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay/Malabar, just south of Melbourne

    First time for me at this sanctuary. Great spot!! I saw 8 species of warblers. Many thanks to the fellow birders whom I met during the day: Bill Haddad, Shirley and Bill Hills, and Terry and Brian from Ontario, all of whom were instrumental in helping me locate the Prothonotary which was a life bird for me.


    prothonotary both m. and f.
    L. waterthrush
    black and white
    n. parula
    c. yellowthroat

    also seen or heard:

    white-eyed vireo
    ruby-crowned kinglet
    blue-gray gnatcatcher
    carolina wren
    downy woodpecker
    red-bellied woodpecker
    swallow-tailed kite
    Coopers hawk
    little blue heron

    Carolyn Cimino


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