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Winds Killed Nocturnal Migration =(

Not much to look at on the radar, if anything is moving it is going against the wind and flying at really low altitudes. Hoping for better conditions during the week. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Nature is Awesome
Angel & Mariel


  1. Quite a good morning in my Kissimmee neighbourhood. I saw a nice mix of migrants and late winterers. In all I saw ten species of warbler including two breeding plumage Yellow-rumped and a single male Hooded Warbler (life bird). Many species were singing including: Yellow-rumped, Black-and-white, and Worm-eating. Here is a complete list of today’s highlights:

    Blue-winged Teal-4 (late)
    Belted Kingfisher-1
    Great Crested Flycatcher-1
    White-eyed Vireo-2 (2 heard also)
    Blue-headed Vireo-1
    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher-5
    House Wren-2
    Ruby-crowned Kinglet-2
    Gray Catbird-c.25
    Northern Parula-3 m (many heard)
    Yellow-rumped Warbler-2 m (late)
    Black-and-white Warbler-2 m/f
    Yellow-throated Warbler-1
    Prairie Warnler-6 (5m/1f)
    Palm Warbler-10
    Hooded Warbler-1 m
    Worm-eating Warbler-3
    Northern Waterthrush-1
    Swamp Sparrow-3

    The Teenage Birder
    Kissimmee, FL

  2. Cape Florida very quiet with no evidence of any new migrants. Banding was a wash-out by 9:30 AM. Birds around were: Worm-eating, Prairie, Cape May Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrush, White-crowned Pigeon and Gray Kingbirds setting up shop on Key Biscayne.

  3. On a charter today, and yesterday, we found loads of warblers downed in the mangroves at West Content Key, Lower Keys. They were obviously put down by the 30 knot plus winds, and were being harrassed by at least a dozen Merlins. Quite a sight to see. Hopefully they will be on the way again with the winds coming down some.


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