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Migrants Returning South!

Recently several reports have been surfacing from Florida regarding new arrivals of migrants in the sunshine state. Two reports of Orchard Oriole over the weekend means that passerines will be moving in no time. Pelagic species especially Greater and Cory’s Shearwater are on the move, shorebirds such as Yellowlegs and Sandpipers are starting to show up from coast to coast along with several species of Tern.
We will take this time to remind birders in Florida that shorebirds are making their way south. Keep an eye out for new birds in your area (flooded fields, sod farms, golf courses etc..)
Breeders are staging and will be flying south any time now. Purple Martins and Chimney Swifts are gathering near our home, last week we saw over 5,000 P. Martin at their usual roost. Last year over 8,000 birds were seen at this roost!

Keep checking back in as we will be starting to report on migrant movement throughout state.

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Angel & Mariel


  1. Hi all,

    Finally, a good number of Yellow Warblers are showing up with about 20 counted in about 30 mins as they headed out over Pensacola Bay from our Gulf Breeze neighborhood. They always head west. Among them were several small flocks of Orchard Orioles, also moving west. Yesterday at our small pond we had Yellow, Prairie, B & W and Parula. La Waterthrush made an appearance a few days ago. Lucy and I had 18 species of shorebirds at Opal Bch on Santa Rosa island yesterday. Birds are starting to move!!

    Bob Duncan


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