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Migrants Are On Their Way Back!

Hey all,

Reports of migrants have started to increase in frequency during the last couple of days here in Florida. Shorebirds are really starting move now along with a few passerines. We have been noting an increase in movement over the last couple of nights on the radar. Birders have been coming back from the field with goodies on their lists such as Pectoral, Solitary, Spotted, Stilt and Least Sandpipers, Dowitchers, Plovers, Terns etc… Friday after the passing of TS Bonnie we were out late into the night and heard flocks of Pectoral and Least Sandpipers fly over head. Get out and listen for migrants if your are in an area with enough sound buffers to improve your chances of hearing such birds. Passerines are also being seen by birders now, new migrants are being reported on a daily basis around the state. Be ready to catch early migrant warblers such as Cerulean Warbler that are usually missed by birders as they wait till later in the season. Here in Miami we see some early passerines every year, some of these birds include Prothonatory, Yellow-throated and B & W Warbler, Parula, A. Redstart and Louisiana Waterthrush. Red-eyed Vireos also start to show up sometime this week or next, be ready and keep your eyes peeled as this fall migration is going to rock!

We will be up and running here on Badbirdz2 shortly with radar images of the nights migration. Please pass by and write a comment or two about what you have been seeing while out birding for migrant. We would love to see more reports from birders around the State and even N. America!

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  1. Over the course of the last week migrants have been consistently trickling through central FL (Polk, Highlands, Orange, Lake Co. etc.) I had my first AMRE of the season this morning! Warbler-wise I have seen small handfuls of NOPA, YTWA, PRAW, BAWW and LOWA. Red-eyed vireos are popping up regularly and everywhere I go I am finding singing Blue Grosbeaks! (I don’t know if these are breeders or migrants?) Barn Swallows are on the move and I have had small numbers of Spotted, Solitary, Least and Pectoral sandpipers at local sod fields, dairies and lakes. It sure is hot but its worth it!

  2. Hello,

    Had my first two Yellow Warblers of the season late morning at Green Key.

    Ken Tracey

  3. Good afternoon,

    At John Chesnut Park this morning Joe Zarolinski and I found a good number of migrant warblers including 2 Black-&-whites, 2 Hoodeds, 2 Prothonotaries, and 5 Yellows.

    Don & Lorraine Margeson saw 2 Pectoral Sandpipers at the Gandy Causeway yesterday morning, but this morning there were none. There were 160 Black Terns present, however.

    A Long-billed Curlew was at Fort De Soto’s North Beach yesterday.

    This morning, Great Shearwaters were seen just offshore of Clearwater, at approx. 8 miles.

    The most crowded county in Florida, Pinellas, still has white-tailed deer at certain places – this one was at John Chesnut this morning.

    Ron Smith

  4. Hello,

    The last two days have seen a good flow of Prairie Warblers and Yellow Warblers through the key; this morning 8 Yellow and 10 Prairies were found. Also a Spotted Sandpiper has been hanging out at the beach.

    Ken Tracey


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