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First Real Push

Click on image for animation. Animation is from 8 p.m. to 11 a.m.

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 22/August2010

Last night looks to be the first real push of songbirds over the state thus far. Migrants were out early heading south ahead of the front that’s been pushing SE. Weather coupled with birds should make for an interesting birding day around the state today.

Lots of birds took flight off the panhandle coasts heading in a general SE direction. The amount of birds that headed out over the Gulf was impressive for this time of year. Migrants were also taking off from the extreme SW coast of the state moving S to SE towards the Tortugas and Key West.

Miami radar picked up incoming returns during the night and with rain overhead to help bring down the birds we should see some action down here today. Check out coastal and inland migrant traps. With birds still in the air as of late morning we expect birds to continue to drop. A morning bird list may look different from a late afternoon list today; due to the fact that birds are still coming in as well as moving on. Hope to hear from you all about what came in today, please post your sightings.

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