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Very Little Activity Last Night

Last night was a calm night on the radar. Looks like the birds are held up behind the frontal boundary north of Florida. When this front moves off to the east we expect a large push of passsrerines as well as shorebirds. Returns behind the front are in high density. With these birds are all bunched up, next week may be awesome for us throughout Florida. As for today we don’t expect much as far as new birds but migrants should be moving locally in search of better foraging habitat. Swallows are on the move big time with a six species day becoming more regular down here in Miami. Check out your local shorebird migrant traps, with a low pressure system over Florida yesterday and today something good is bound to be found.

Lets hope tonight is a better night for nocturnal migration. Have a great day.

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  1. I think the radar is picking up mosquitoes! I stopped at Matheson this morning and got clobbered. I’m taking Snake Bight levels, and I’ve been there when they were at their worst. I tried the hammock trail on the west side for Swainson’s and found nothing, but I must admit it’s tough when you are swatting franticly. I then tried the service road and had 2 AMRE, 2 OVEN, and 1 NOPA. I crossed to the east side figuring the skeeters would be better and wrong! Had 1 BAWW, and several REVI, and about 20 bites. That’s it.

    Trey said the mosquitoes almost picked him up and carried him away at Sadowski, and that’s saying a lot! All he had was a PRWA. Better check the satellite image. I bet there’s a dark cloud over south Florida, and our low frequency detectors are probably picking up this unexplained, continuous buzzing noise.

  2. We had birds flying around at sunrise at Cape Florida (quite a few redstarts and Northern waterthrush) but they seemed to disappear as the morning went on and banding was slow; maybe around 9 or 10 birds total today. Southerly winds started up sometime in the night and may have acted as a block to put some birds down, since it had been calm for days beforehand. Also looked like some rain last night over Key Biscayne.
    Still…in the Quality not Quantity department, Ericva and Liz caught an adult male Cerulean on the closing net run. Beautiful bird!!!!!Robin came back to oogle & photograph the guy but I was alreaduy down in H-sted by then….dang it!

  3. PS yeah mozzies are bad at Cape Florida, too. Glad I’m done working on Old Ingraham Highway in ENP for now…


    Today, between 12:30PM & 2PM during a steady drizzle I observed the following migrants moving thru the oaks around my house:

    14 – Red-eyed Vireos
    6 – Yellow Warblers
    3 – Northern Parulas
    2 – Yellow-throated Warblers
    2 – Prothonotary Warblers
    2 – Eastern Wood-Pewees
    1 – female CERULEAN Warbler
    1 – female Hooded Warbler
    1 – male American Redstart
    1 – Worm-eating Warbler
    1 – Pine Warbler
    1 – Prairie Warbler
    1 – Black-and-white Warbler
    1 – Empidonax flycatcher species


  5. Hi All,

    With a slug of rain, I thought I’d check for migrants at Pinecraft Park in Sarasota. There were a few birds. Observed were Yellow Warbler, Hooded Warblers, Yellow-throated Vireo several Red-eyed Vireos and an Eastern Wood-Pewee.

    Better than a poke in the eye.

    Regards and good birding,


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