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Whoa; Birds Are Really Headed This Way Tonight!

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SE Radar 1:20 a.m. 03/September2010

Hurricane Earl is churning just off the coast of North Carolina as birds are migrating south. A look at the radar reveals that birds did indeed take to the wing with the good weather. The panhandle is on fire tonight, birds are just pouring into the state! The rest of the state is experiencing moderate migration with birds moving mostly down the east coast. Throw us a bone down here cries Toe, well here are the birds dude. We can hope for some showers to bring down the birds in the morning. With as many birds on the move we expect a turnover in the morning. Winds in the upper atmosphere should encourage birds towards that east coast. In the morning check your favorite migrant trap and let us know what you see. Your sightings are vital to improving the information on this site.

Hope to hear from you all! 😉

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