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Slow Migration; East Winds Gradient in Place

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Not much movement over the state last night. A strong wind gradient is in place over the state as is clearly visible on radar. Looking at the animation you can see that the majority of returns are moving from east to west across the state. This coupled with a very wet low over the south and a high over the northern portions of the state; birds are just not moving. The high is expected to move out and that is when we think the next push will occur. East winds will continue to increase our chances of precipitation, lets hope that the winds shift soon.

The only radar that showed some movement was the Jacksonville radar. This area of the state had some light migration last night along the coast. Good luck out there, hope you all can find some goodies in JAX.

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  1. Well, I get the feeling I missed something. Birded the Matheson Service Road and part of the west edge this morning and got the following:

    Ovenbird (lots)
    Worm-eating 2
    Redstart 3
    Northern Waterthrush 2
    Common Yellowthroat (2, FOTS)

    I then went to the east side and added Prairie. Now, all this was seen despite the county having a pickup truck and work crew right at the spot where I’ve had Hooded, Swainson’s, Kentucky, and Canada in the past, plus a second pickup truck drove up and down the service road and the west hammock edge AND a guy in a small golf cart thingy going up and down the service road. I know there were more birds in there, but with all the annoying activity going on, I just gave up and made like the sheperd and got the flock out of there.


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