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Nice Push of Migrants into Florida

Click on image to see animation.

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 10/September2010

Really nice tailwinds encouraged a good push of migrants into the state last night. This push mainly came in through the panhandle region and continued straight south towards the Tampa area. Returns were in higher densities than in recent nights. With unfavorable conditions north of us these birds would have been stacked up getting fat. This helps the birds fly farther in one night as was evident on the radar from last night. Birds could be seen heading out over the water from the panhandle heading in a general SSE direction. Look out Pasco and Pinellas County birders, today looks like you had a decent push of birds into the area.

Farther north of us a mega push of migrants hit the Carolinas; returns are still being picked up by radar over the Atlantic early in the afternoon! If you look at the last few frames of the animation you will see targets out over the Atlantic, the birds are already changing trajectory and heading west towards the coast. A late afternoon arrival of migrants may hit the coast from Melbourne to Miami sometime soon. Let us know if you are out in the afternoon are are surprised by a nice influx of birds.

As far as birds for us down here in Miami it looks as if inland migrant traps will prove to be most productive today. A nice influx of birds came into the Miami radar early this morning, most of the returns picked up were flying over land rather than the coast. ENP, Lucky Hammock/Annex, Chekika, Castellow and Kendall Indian Hammocks all look like good spots to check for these incoming birds. They were also traveling down the east coast so it will be interesting to see if there is different species composition within the east and west sides of Miami.

Birders report back and let us know what you all are seeing out there! We look forward to reading your sightings.

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  1. Seems variety was down this morning at Barnes. I birded almost the entire park. Here’s what I saw:

    Parula 2
    Cape May 2
    BTB 2
    Blackburnian 1
    Yellow-throated 2
    Prairie 5
    Black-and-white 4
    Worm-eating 10
    Ovenbird 15
    Northern Waterthrush 1
    Veery 1
    Baltimore Oriole 1

  2. Castellow had BIRDS this morning!
    I could hear lots of Bobolinks early morning over Goulds as I made my way to Castellow Hammock.
    The park was hopping with birds from the get-go. No complaints from me.

    Worm-eating Warblers were everywhere!!
    A 1st yr Chestnut-sided female gleaned near my head at the firebush island.
    3 Hooded Warblers – all male – were in the same vicinity, near marker 11. There were a few more of this species throughout.
    Northern Yellow Warblers were around, females and 1st yr birds.
    A Northern Waterthrush was chased away by one of the Hoodeds.
    Ovenbirds galore.
    Red-eyed Vireos, even more.
    Northern Parula, many.
    Am. Redstarts too.
    Black-throated Blue, a few.
    Prairies also.
    Black-and-white Warblers, few.
    Yellow-throated Warbler 1.

    Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are in – saw/heard at least 5.
    No thrushes or tanagers – sadly.

    Others seen/heard:
    Carolina Wren
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo
    Chimney Swifts
    and more…

    Bobolinks were heard continuously until 9:30.
    It seems the early morning activity of birds died down dramatically in general about that time. However, about an hour later birds again seemed to be everywhere.

  3. Thanks guys! Appreciate the sightings, cool birds in the hood. No pun intended.

    Awesome detailed report Rafael!


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