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More Birds On Tap

Click on image for animation. Animation is from 7p.m. to 5:30a.m.

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 12/September2010

Miami Radar Lopp - Base Reflectivity Animation 12Sept2010

Nature is Awesome
Angel & Mariel


  1. Another deceptively quiet day at Cape Florida; it was quite hot with a clear sky and little wind so the birds were quietly foraging, and not making much noise. Clusters of ovenbirds were flushing from the shady areas all morning long, and if we could set our nets lower we probably would’ve doubled our capture of 26 birds today. A Cape May was out there, too, as well as a veery and lots of worm-eatings, b&w’s, and red-eyed vireos.

  2. Another disappointing day, this time in Central Broward. Woodmont and Hampton Pines midday 2-4 yielded 1 Worm-eating and 1 gorgeous Black-throated Blue warbler, laughing Downy WP. Period. Are all the birds in ENP and S Miami???

  3. North of us Holly! The big numbers are yet to come;; wait till Oktoberfest a.k.a Warblerfest. That is when the warblers really start to make it through.
    A & M

  4. Okay, patience it is! Hoping for lots of birdies for the NAMC on Saturday up at Green Cay!


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