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Heavy Migration Over N. FL; WOW!

This is the radar from 5:00pm last night to 8:00am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

A huge migration event occurred across northern Florida last night. Birds were really moving into the state as can be seen by the green returns on radar. These returns would make it into the state and move south in a general N>S direction. Just looking at the mass quantities of migrants moving south last night we expect the early morning hours to be filled with Bobolink flight calls overhead.

This is the push we have been waiting for in Florida. Weather conditions worked in our favor and birds took to the wing. Expect most migrant traps from the GA/FL border to the Gainesville area to have birds around this morning.

Miami radar had some activity last night but nothing spectacular. Most birds that appeared on Miami’s radar were on their way out. In the morning hours a group of returns can be seen out over the water making their way back towards the coast. Maybe the Ladies at the Cape catch these birds today. Birds were also taking off the coast last night from Miami headed to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Key West radar showed some really good movement out towards Cuba. Birds appeared off the SW coast of Florida and headed in a SW direction over the Tortugas and the Keys. More birds were in the air headed towards the Keys, hopefully we have some eyes down there to gives us a clue of what is happening.

Please post your sightings as this site works best when it is a collaborative effort.

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  1. I couldn’t bird this morning, but noticed some wablers flying about in the neighborhoods for the first time this fall. This may be a good week, but with winds forecast to increase to east at 15-20 by Wed, we may not get as much as we should. Will try to bird this afternoon somewhere.

    Saturday was by far my best warbler day this fall, but it came from hard work more than from shear bird numbers. Barnes continues to be the best spot, with 13 species on Saturday, but it seems that some of the birds seen on Friday had already left. Almost all activity was in the oaks and homeless hammock. I had checked Matheson and Sadowski on Friday and those places were duds. Castellow had a few birds, but variety and #’s was much lower than Barnes. Lucky Hammock has had amost no warbler activity the many times I’ve been there, while the Annex has had very little. The C-111E has been dead the 3 times I’ve been there, with only one Prairie in 3 stops.

    Bottom line, if you want to see warblers et al, go to Barnes this fall! The other spots are just not producing. I’ve seen very few fruiting trees as of late in most places. (???)

  2. Just wish some would hang out in Central Florida in the morning but they are just streaking past and launching over the Gulf!

  3. Ground truth #1: I estimated 350+ Bobolinks flying south over the Cape, with strongest pulses from 7-9:30 AM. Judging from their distint contact calls (not the “plink”), some settled in the park.

    Ground truth #2: The buckets of Ovenbirds are gone. The OVEN’s we banded today weren’t in good condition — probably staying behind to fatten up.

    Ground truth #3: The 5:30 AM Key Biscayne radar looked anemic compared to upstate. There was no early morning rush and banding was slow. However, Princess Cerulean (Erica) pulled in her 2nd bird of the season, a young female. We also banded our 2nd Veery of the season.

    Though the 7-day fronts loop shows a front slowly moving southward toward us, the breezy E conditions may keep our site slow for a few days. We’ll hope for quality instead of quantity.

  4. Did some birding in the afternoon in hopes that some stuff dropped in. I first checked the east side of Matheson from the parking area to the oak grove – 2 Ovenbirds. I then went to the west side, starting in the trail on the north side of the parking lot, through the hammock trail coming out the west side, the west edge of the hammock (Kentucky spot), then out the service road back to the parking lot. Totaled 1/2 dozen Ovenbirds, 2 N. Waterthrush, 2 Redstarts, 1 N. Parula, and 1 Summer Tanager.

    I then did a late stop at Sadowski where I added a Prairie, a BTB, and a R-B Hummingbird. So, my somewhat dedicated effort landed me the following total:

    ~8 Ovenbirds
    2 Redstarts
    2 N. Waterthrush
    1 Parula
    1 BTB
    1 Prairie
    1 Summer Tanager
    1 Hummingbird


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