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Finally A Wind Shift!

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 19/Sep2010

Don’t know how much of this will be seen on the ground but loads of migrants were headed into the state last night. There was a shift in the wind pattern which will help us get in some birds. As of this morning it looks as if the dreaded east winds have left for now. A nice NE to N wind would have encouraged birds to fly south last night. Huge amount of birds left NC, SC and GA last night. Have to go now banding awaits. More later on the birdy forecast. Have a great Sunday.

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  1. I’m sorry to say the marine forecast for S. FL. continues to call for NE-E winds 15-20 kts., so don’t expect any change in the migration pattern for us. These winds are to continue at least until Thursday. This morning’s walk at Sadowski produced the following:

    Prairie 2
    Cape May
    Palm 6
    Redstart 2
    Ovenbird 6

    Summer Tanager
    GC Flycatcher
    House Finch

    20 individual warblers of 8 species, plus little of anything else, so Sadowski definitely did not gain any birds overnight.

    Even if the winds come out of the N and NE, this would only help the birds take off to the south. We need several days of SW winds so they stack up in S. FL before favorable winds help them make the crossing. This is what happened in 2004, where the SW winds caused so many birds to stop here people were getting 15 warbler species in their neighborhoods.

  2. Sorry to be off-topic, but does anyone know why TAS Birdboard is down?

  3. Holly that is a question for John Boyd the TAS bird board webmaster. My guess is that it was hacked, for what who will ever know.

    Toe you know that migration is for the birds not the birders, LOL; we just happen to see them as they travel back and forth. Birds needed this tailwind, we have been catching birds that are fat and banded by us that are ready to go day after day. We continue to catch recaps which only tells us that winds are not favorable for a southbound migration thus yet. The vacuum cleaner effect may be in place tonight, northeast winds are forecast. Don’t whine now; be happy for your bird friends that need a vacation.

    Ok now for us birders with loads of birds headed south all we need is a TS or favorable winds. Birds will be moving into FL tonight, now how far will they fly? They have been taking short trips till now but we expect a good flight tonight.

    A & M

  4. Dickcissel and Clay-colored Sparrow seen today at Curry Hammock State Park and much more –
    A thorough report from NAMC FL Bay yesterday and Hawkwatch today will follow when I have time – sorry…


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