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Migrants Into N. FL; E Winds Keep The South Dry

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 21/September2010

Tampa radar was down last night making the radar look deceptively quite. Lots of activity was going on last night but with the current winds birds are just taking a Trans-Gulf flight. We would love to see a report from the Tortugas during times like this! Loads of birds were out over the Atlantic out of NC, and SC. These birds seem to be on their way back into the coast as of 8 a.m. Look for migrants at true and tried migrant traps from Jacksonville to Melbourne. As for birders down in Miami; lets face it, Toe has not whined enough. Killer east winds keep migrants in numbers away.

Have a great day and post your sightings here.

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  1. Not much to add from SFBO — birds in the hammock but not in the nets. Several Cooper’s, a couple of Merlins and a Peregrine are around. We had our first pulse of Black-throated Blue Warblers today and we recaptured a Kentucky Warbler. Our first Traill’s of the season showed up yesterday and other than Palm Warblers trickling in, the usual Caribbean migrants are around.

  2. I saw the Cuban Pewee today with a couple of other birders, it was near the downed tree by gate 3.

    Also of note was a nice looking Yellow-bellied Flycatcher! We hardly ever see them down here!

    Larry Manfredi

  3. Yesterday afternoon I ran through the North end of Shiloh Marsh. I had 17
    species of shorebirds including 2 White-rumpeds and 4 Wilson’s Phalaropes
    (pics attached). One Phalarope was larger than the others. I’m assuming both
    sexes were reprsented or the large one was an adult? Also had eight Yellow
    Warblers and a handful of Palms. This has been a banner Fall for Wilson’s
    Phalaropes. These four make 14 individuals I’ve seen on MINWR this Fall.

    Good Birding,
    Mitchell Harris


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