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Deep Trough To The N & A Huge Low to The S = BIRDS!

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 27/September2010

Well last night was an interesting night on radar; weather and bird wise. An upper low moved southeast across the Tennessee valley and into NW Florida. This well defined front passed over Alabama and the extreme NW panhandle dumping migrants down into the SE coastal areas of Alabama as well as the NW Panhandle overnight. We are looking at radar and as of 11:00 a.m. birds are still moving and possibly falling out along the coast from Alabama to Florida’s panhandle coasts. If any birders are up that way and reading this please report. It should be epic in your neck of the woods. This front has swept most of the rain east leaving behind cool dry winds. Temps should be cool right now and should be below normal tonight, you are looking at low 60’s in coastal areas with colder temps inland; possibly into the 50’s!

Farther down the state weather played a big role on migration, birds were on the move until a low passed over dumping huge amounts of rain. This weather came in through Cedar Key and moved NE and eventually over Jacksonville. The cold front will approach the west coast this evening, as the front drapes south winds will shift to SW! This front is forecast to stall across the southern coastal waters Tuesday increasing your chances of showers and severe weather along the frontal boundary. This sets up the potential for fallout conditions from Central Fl to Key Largo as early as Wednesday. Wednesday will be interesting as a low pressure system that can possibly become cyclonic will move north from Cuba. This system is forecast to move along the cool front that will be hanging around and make its way NE. As for the near future an upper level trough will move far enough SE to keep the deep moisture away from area. The Nature coast will experience its first real cold front of the season with temps possibly dropping into the 50’s by Sunday.

Down our way in Miami there was some migration evident on radar but nothing to get excited about. Now; Wednesday-Thursday will be something to get excited about. The potential for a migrant fallout is high for these two days as we will be dealing with a sort of a hybrid system. With the front lingering NW of us and the crazy low making its way north into our area it looks as if birds will have to take cover and drop. If the birds are on the move as they should be ahead of the front; it should be an epic day of birding on either Wed-Thurs. South winds are forecast and may stack up birds as soon as they move south setting up for Thursday. West winds are forecast for Thursday and you know what that means down here; MIGRANTS! We will be keeping an eye on the weather and will be posting about the conditions as they can change. Still conditions look best for Thursday down here, lets wait and see.

Toe; here is what you have been winning for, now be ready for it!

Please leave your sightings here.

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  1. We have a number of warblers flitting about the yard this morning. In spite of the inland cloudiness that shrouded the flyways late yesterday and last night, the birds were on the move. Other migrant traps could be good today.

    Bob Duncan

  2. My 15 minute stop at Matheson on the way to work this morning turned into a 3-hour stop due to the ignition switch on my car kicking the bucket. As I type this, I’m waiting for a locksmith to come switch the switch, he he. I was hoping to relocated the Philadelphia Vireo seen yesterday to get a photo. What I found were:

    Black-and-white Warbler 2
    Yellow-throated Warbler
    Northern Parula
    Prairie Warbler
    Gnatcatcher 4

  3. You are all wrong, he he. Birds did not really make it down here last night, but wait for reports out of the Panhandle!

    Wait Daniel Son, the birds will be here. Remember I have been drilling Wed-Thurs in your head for a week now, be ready for it!


  4. SFBO was quieter today than in late July. Our excitement was in the form of first Painted Bunting of the season, 4 lumbering White-crowned Pigeons crashing into the trees and a banded Swainson’s Thrush. Other banded birds were “usuals.” We had 2 Northern Parulas with fat/pec 5, each weighing close to 11 grams!! They actually felt squishy (banding term not found in Pyle).

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks to the jet stream – that which protects us from hurricanes, brings cold fronts and pleasant birding weather and LOTS of birds – we had one of the best warbler days ever at our home in Gulf Breeze in the extreme w. Panhandle of FL. At the end of the day we tallied 37 passerine Neotropical migrants including 20 species of warblers, 19 of which were seen in our yard!! Three GOLDEN-WINGS, two CANADAS, a WILSON’S, two BLUE-WINGS, two BLACKBURNIANS and nine CHESTNUT-SIDEDS, Kentucky, N. Waterthrush, Parula, Magnolias & Redstarts galore, Palms, Prairie (the one not in the yard), Tennessee, Parula, Yellow, Black-throatd Green, Blackburnian, Yellow-throated and ovenbirds were the warblers seen. Most of the warblers eventually came to our small pond with its trickling water. They seemed never to get enough of it.

    Notably absent were flycatchers, except for 14 E. WOOD-PEWEES. Most of the other species were also present in our yard: Four species of vireos (Red-eyed, White-eyed, Philadelphia and Yellow-throated), both tanagers, several Swainson’s Thrushes and one Veery, Indigo Bunting.

    The birds were behind the front which passed through last night, in spite of cloudy unsettled weather behind it. Clear, dry weather and northerly winds are forecast for the remainder of the week. Birding should be good at our favorite spots. Sam and Scotty Tagatz went to Ft. Pickens and had lots of warblers at Battery Langdon, including another GOLDEN-WINGED. This may have been the best warbler day of the season. Hopefully this front will reach S. FL bringing relief from the heat and lots of birds.

    Sixty-four species today and we didn’t leave the neighborhood! It doesn’t get much better.
    It should be good birding at the migrant traps tomorrow morning.

    Bob and Lucy Duncan


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